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From 23 October 2014, this version of FAOSTAT will no longer be updated. Please refer to the new FAOSTAT (http://faostat3.fao.org ) for the latest statistics.

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About TradSTAT

The Trade module provides comprehensive, comparable and up-to-date annual trade statistics by country, region and economic country groups for about 600 individual food and agriculture commodities since 1961.

The detailed food and agriculture trade data collected, processed and disseminated by FAO according to the standard International Merchandise Trade Statistics Methodology is mainly provided by the national authorities and other international organizations. The total merchandise trade value by country is annually updated according to the national publications on Balance of Payment and trade statistics and harmonised with the consolidated figures disseminated by the Inter-Agency Common Data Set (CDS) on Total Merchandise Trade Statistics by countries. 

This module contains:
 Detailed trade data
 Detailed trade matrix