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From 23 October 2014, this version of FAOSTAT will no longer be updated. Please refer to the new FAOSTAT (http://faostat3.fao.org ) for the latest statistics.

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FAOSTAT provides time-series and cross sectional  data relating to food and agriculture for some 200 countries. 

The national version of FAOSTAT, CountrySTAT, is being developed and implemented in a number of target countries, primarily in sub-saharan Africa. It will offer a two-way data exchange facility between countries and FAO as well as a facility to store data at the national and sub-national levels.


A new version of FAOSTAT is available. Please click here to access it.

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FAO Statistical Yearbook 2013

Issued annually, FAO's Statistical Yearbook is an authoritative compendium of data on the major trends shaping global food and agriculture today. For each thematic area, brief analyses of the main trends are paired with graphical data visualizations as well as tables with key indicators.

FAO Statistical Yearbook 2013

Latest news

 The following subject domains have been updated: 

Country groups are those specified in the United Nations classification. Composition of Eastern Europe now reflects geographic definition. 

SUA/Food Balance Sheets/Consumption/Commodity Balances:

Datasets for the above domains are available up to 2005. Data to 2007 should be disseminated by year-end.  

Translations are being finalized and the complete website will be available in all languages shortly.  

Data archives have been moved to the respective subject domains.

To get access to the FAOSTAT registered users area, please consult the FAOSTAT Registered Users Page.

Sudan and South Sudan:
On 9 July 2011 South Sudan became an independent state and on 14 July 2011 it became a Member of the United Nations. Therefore, starting 2011, data for South Sudan and Sudan, where available, are shown under the appropriate country name. For periods prior to the independence of South Sudan in 2011, data for Sudan include those for South Sudan unless otherwise indicated.

Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
A dispute exists between the Governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland concerning sovereignty over the Falkland Islands (Malvinas).

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bullet-arrowIt's a good idea to start by visiting the Support/FAQ Page and carefully read through the FAQs before proceeding.

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bullet-arrowFAO together with OECD released a new site on Food Outlook: OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook

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FAOSTAT is fully compliant with the principles of good practice governing international statistics.


The Subscription service to FAOSTAT has been phased out to allow greater free access to FAO Statistics. From 1 July 2010 the FAOSTAT subscription service has been replaced by a FAOSTAT registered users service offering the same facilities as the subscription service.

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